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Powerful Automations and Dynamic Workflows to Empower CX Teams

Welcome to the future of customer experience! StateSet ReSponse delivers intelligent, autonomous AI Agents that execute tasks, make decisions, and drive results. Our digital workforce revolutionizes DTC operations, handling everything from order modifications to subscription changes with unparalleled efficiency. Join us in reshaping the commerce landscape with AI-driven, result-oriented solutions that transform your operations and delight your customers.

Decrease in First Response Times
Decrease in Resolution Times
Increase in CSAT Scores
Decrease in Return Cycle Time
Increase in Subscription Retention
Increase in Exchange Efficiency

“Through Stateset Response, we use an AI bot (Robert) to handle the monotonous, time sensitive issues like cancellation requests. He’s working 24/7 and frees up our reps so they can take care of questions that are more nuanced and require a human touch.”

Femi Olasupo

ReSponse has created thousands of 5 star customer experiences

“Impeccable attention to detail and lightning-fast responses. The speed suggests AI, yet it resonates with a personal, tailored touch that feels remarkably human!”

“Súper amable y atento en todo momento estoy muy satisfecha por su ayuda. Lo mejor!”

“Very helpful, even on a Sunday!”

“5/5. Very helpful”

“Quick response time, very helpful.”

Stay Ahead in Customer Support Automation with ReSponse CX Agents

Order Efficiency Agent
Your 24/7 Shopify Order Management Guru: Effortlessly handle cancellations and modifications while your team focuses on what truly matters - delighting customers.
Subscription Management Agent
Stay.ai, ReCharge, and SKIO Made Simple: Automate subscription changes and cancellations, freeing your team to craft unforgettable customer experiences.
Returns Handling Agent
Seamless Shopify and Gorgias Integration: Automate returns while keeping customers in the loop. Build trust, streamline operations, and watch satisfaction soar.
Proactive Warranty Support Agent
Proactive Support that Wows: Automate replacements and recommend products based on purchase history. Turn post-purchase support into a loyalty-building opportunity.
Sales Agent
Your Always-On Revenue Booster: Personalize recommendations, answer queries instantly, and guide customers to the perfect purchase. Watch your conversion rates skyrocket.
Marketing Agent
Klaviyo Campaigns on Autopilot: Craft data-driven, personalized campaigns that hit the mark every time. Let your team focus on strategy while AI handles the heavy lifting.

Use ReSponse with your favorite commerce apps, data sources, automations, and more.

Empower Your DTC Business with 24/7 AI Responses!

Seamlessly reply on every channel and drive outcomes that enhance your CX Ops. Experience an autonomous AI knowledge base setup handled by our team. Never miss a customer query again.

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For the ambitious DTC brand, start automating responses using next-gen AI.

  • No Per Automation Fees
  • No Setup Costs
  • Setup Handled by Our Team
  • Free 30 Day Trial
  • Monthly Contract


Unlock Pro Features Now


  • Conversational AI Agent: Intelligent AI-powered conversations
  • Speech-to-Text: Convert audio to text
  • Text-to-Speech: Convert text to natural-sounding speech
  • Personalized Responses: Tailored messages for each customer
  • Knowledge Base: Centralized information repository
  • Agent Attributes: Customizable AI agent characteristics
  • Rules Engine: Set up custom response and escalation logic
  • Response Examples: Pre-defined response templates based on examples ticket conversations


  • Shopify Integration: Connect with your Shopify store
  • Gorgias Integration: Integrate with Gorgias helpdesk


  • eMail, Chat, Instagram DMs: Multi-channel support


  • Response Analytics: Gain insights from response data
  • Response Evaluation: Assess and improve response quality


  • Support Included: Assistance with Agent Configuration.

Function Calling


For the scaling DTC brand, start automating CX outcomes with a team of Agents.

  • No Per Automation Fees
  • No Setup Costs
  • Setup Handled by Our Team
  • Free 30 Day Trial
  • Monthly Contract


Unlock Scale


  • Pro Features: All features from the Pro tier
  • Automated Function Calling: Trigger automated actions
  • Automated Order Cancellations: Handle cancellations automatically
  • Automated Subscription Changes: Manage subscription modifications
  • Automated Order Tagging: Apply tags to orders automatically
  • Auto-Close Tickets: Automatically resolve completed tickets


  • Pro Integrations: Gorgias and Shopify
  • Stay AI Integration: Connect with Stay AI platform
  • Recharge Integration: Integrate with Recharge for subscriptions
  • 3PL Integration: Integrate with your 3PL / 4PL for order changes


  • Response Analytics: Gain insights from response data
  • Response Evaluation: Assess and improve response quality


  • eMail, Chat, Instagram DMs, Social: Multi-channel support


  • Support Included: Dedicated Slack Channel Support.

Custom APIs


For the Enterprise brand, build autonomous workflows with a best-in-class AI partner.

  • No Per Automation Fees
  • No Setup Costs
  • Setup Handled by Our Team
  • Free 30 Day Trial
  • Monthly Contract


Unlock Enterprise


  • Scale Features: All features from the Scale tier
  • Generative User Interface: AI-powered UI generation
  • Advanced Response Scheduling: Complex scheduling options (Delays, Planning, Sequences)


  • Scale Integrations: Gorgias, Shopify, Stay, 3PLs
  • Custom API Integrations: Connect with any third-party API
  • Custom ERP Integrations: Integrate with your ERP system


  • Enterprise Grade SLA: Guaranteed service levels
  • Enterprise Grade Analytics: Advanced data insights


  • Response Analytics: Gain insights from response data
  • Response Evaluation: Assess and improve response quality


  • Custom Channels: Multi-channel support


  • Dedicated Support: Dedicated Support with Daily Meetings

“The next generation of AI-powered customer experience has arrived. As a brand and former marketing technologist, exploring and implementing modern AI-powered tools for our brand is important to me. The ReSponse AI App provides a smart, scalable interface for our CX team to be at the forefront of e-commerce technology and to provide better experiences and support for our customers.”

Madeline Lauf, Founder at Begin Health

Customer Success

Begin Health

Health & Wellness

Facing exponential growth and the accompanying customer support challenges, Begin Health sought a solution to scale their services while maintaining a high level of care and responsiveness.

Integration of Stateset’s ReSponse AI with the Gorgias chat widget on their website enabled automatic handling of sensitive subscription management requests, such as cancellations, with a personal touch. The AI’s capability to suggest alternatives like pausing or skipping a subscription before cancellation helped in reducing churn and enhancing customer satisfaction.

The adoption of Stateset’s Response AI solution led to an 95% reduction in response time, slashing the first response to an astounding 5 seconds, and a 85% decrease in time to resolution. This transformation has not only satisfied the immediate needs of the Begin Health community but also laid the groundwork for additional self-service features.

ReSponse Time
Resolution Time
Churn Reduction
Cost / Ticket


Retrieval Augemented Generation (RAG) based on Vector DB + OpenAI's GPT4o

Real-time Embeddings

Integrated with Shopify, Gorgias, Stay AI and more for real-time commerce data embeddings.

AI Function Calling

Make API calls directly from ReSponse App to power advanced workflows and automations like Order and Subscription changes.

Achieve more, faster

Why ReSponse?

Shopify Merchants use ReSponse to fix their customer service problems and get the results they want. Plain and simple. ReSponse helps you achieve your CX goals.

Knowledge Base Integration
Upload various documents including company knowledge bases, product information, and FAQs to simplify customer support processes and ensure responses are tailored to your unique resources and information.
Gorgias Integration and Enhanced Customer Experience
Set up your AI-powered Customer Service Agent in under 15 minutes. Seamlessly integrated with Gorgias Chat, ReSponse efficiently handles and responds to customer requests, streamlining your customer service operations.
Post-Purchase Automation and Workflow Integration
Connect generated responses to processes such as Returns Management Automation (RMA), Warranty Management, Shipping Label Creation, and Inventory Management, creating a seamless ecosystem for managing your online store.
GPT-4o Model and Functions
Powered by OpenAI's GPT-4o, the most sophisticated language model, Stateset ReSponse automates post-purchase operations and elevates e-commerce customer support to new heights.
Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction
Achieve an average CSAT score of 95% with ReSponse. Its advanced GPT-4 technology ensures each interaction satisfies your customers, enhancing brand loyalty and driving repeat business.
Lightning-Fast Resolution Times
Ensure customers aren't kept waiting with resolution times under 5 minutes. Empower your team to handle more inquiries and deliver exceptional service efficiently.

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