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“The next generation of AI-powered customer experience has arrived. As a brand and former marketing technologist, exploring and implementing modern AI-powered tools for our brand is important to me. The ReSponse AI App provides a smart, scalable interface for our CX team to be at the forefront of e-commerce technology and to provide better experiences and support for our customers.”

Madeline Lauf, Founder at Begin Health

Customer Success

Begin Health

Health & Wellness

Facing exponential growth and the accompanying customer support challenges, Begin Health sought a solution to scale their services while maintaining a high level of care and responsiveness.

Integration of Stateset’s ReSponse AI with the Gorgias chat widget on their website enabled automatic handling of sensitive subscription management requests, such as cancellations, with a personal touch. The AI’s capability to suggest alternatives like pausing or skipping a subscription before cancellation helped in reducing churn and enhancing customer satisfaction.

The adoption of Stateset’s Response AI solution led to an 95% reduction in response time, slashing the first response to an astounding 5 seconds, and a 85% decrease in time to resolution. This transformation has not only satisfied the immediate needs of the Begin Health community but also laid the groundwork for additional self-service features.

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Customer Success

Jones Road Beauty


Jones Road Beauty faced a challenge common to many growing businesses: providing personalized, efficient customer service without overwhelming their team. The company sought a solution that could scale with their business, ensuring customer satisfaction at every touchpoint.

The primary challenge for Jones Road Beauty was managing a high volume of customer inquiries, especially related to returns and exchanges. The goal was to maintain high customer service standards, including personalization and timely responses, without placing undue strain on their customer experience team.


  • Automation for Efficiency: Automating responses to common inquiries allowed Jones Road to handle questions about returns and exchanges swiftly, even outside of normal business hours.
  • Integration for Seamless Service: By integrating Response AI with Shopify, Jones Road could automatically provide order-related information (like Order Number lookups), facilitating smoother return and exchange processes.
  • Personalization for Customer Satisfaction: The AI was trained with Jones Road's knowledge base to ensure responses were not only accurate but also matched the brand's voice and service level.


  • Enhanced Post-Purchase Support: Customers now receive faster and more accurate responses to their inquiries, improving the overall service experience.
  • Operational Efficiency: The automation of routine inquiries allowed the customer service team to focus on more complex and high-value interactions, increasing job satisfaction and efficiency.
  • Scalability During Peak Periods: Jones Road was able to manage increased inquiry volumes during peak sales events like Black Friday/Cyber Monday without compromising on response quality or speed.

By adopting Stateset’s Response AI solution Jones Road has recorded tremendous change in it’s post-purchase customer experience. The new automation in place have helped Jones Road with handling the surge around BFCM requests. Not only are members of the Jones Road community attended to significantly faster they also have a much more efficient way to handle actions related to Returns, Exchanges & WISMO. Since go live in October, ReSponse has swiftly handled thousands of post-purchase requests while maintaining accuracy and tone.

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Truvani showcasing its health and food products

Customer Success


Health & Food

Facing the challenge of managing time-sensitive order cancellations and subscription inquiries, Truvani turned to Stateset’s ReSponse CX for its precision, control, and cost-effective pricing model.


  • Automation for Efficiency: Automating the handling of order inquiries enabled Truvani to reduce first response times and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Shopify Order Integration: ReSponse is able to detect order cancellation intents and autonomously process the request within Shopify.
  • Stay AI Integration for Subscription Changes: ReSponse is able to detect subscription cancel requests and prompt to skip an order / pause instead leading to a reduction in churn and a better customer experience.

Integration with Shopify and Shipmonk enabled real-time access to order information, crucial for assessing the feasibility of cancellation requests. Additionally, innovative intent detection and order number retrieval techniques streamlined the modification process directly within Shopify, enhancing operational efficiency.

The adoption of Stateset’s Response AI has revolutionized Truvani’s post-purchase experience. Automation has not only expedited response times but also improved the handling of order and subscription modifications, ensuring customer satisfaction. Since its launch in January, the solution has proficiently managed hundreds of order and subscription requests, maintaining Truvani's brand integrity and customer trust.

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